Leaving the lie

by Gary Mitchell Weinstein  on  April 9, 2014

The Freedomless Tower (A view from Shore Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

The 1776-foot tall
Orwellian “Freedom” Tower
A monstrous lie built upon the ashes of another monstrous lie –
one of the greatest lies in the history of humanity

“There should be no doubt any longer
in anyone’s mind that a ‘normal’ life is
simply not possible anymore, even if
we take up the option of remaining
ignorant in order to preserve our
sense of normality.

Good health, a happy family, a fulfilling
job or career, a genuinely peaceful
existence in which we are given
opportunities for serious contemplation,
learning and great joy – are now being
seriously imperilled, if not extinguished
all together.

Ignornance is not only no excuse, it is no
way to avoid the consequences of an
agenda that is antithetical to life itself.”
– Anonymous

I have a wonderful family, great friends, good health, a beautiful apartment and live in an incredible city. All things considered, I’m a pretty fortunate guy. But truth be told, and to be quite frank, in many respects it’s all an illusion, for it’s all based upon a monumental lie. It’s all based on a lie that most sane people on the planet who know the truth are not allowed to speak about – the monstrous lie of 9/11 (one of many incredible lies we have been fed for decades and continue to be fed . . .).

You see, it’s all based on a lie that one is forced to continue to remain quiet about if they are to expect to keep any semblance of a normal life, living amongst those who are living their lives as if the lie is not a lie at all, but is in fact the truth. And here’s the riddle within the riddle – if that’s a normal life, why are so many seeking it?

As I have said before, the planet and the majority of its inhabitants continue to remain deeply cast in a spell from which they seemingly cannot awaken. It is a spell so strong, so powerful that even now over twelve years after 9/11, one of the biggest lies in the history of all humanity remains still seemingly locked into the collective psyche of the world’s citizens. Yes, below the surface hundreds of millions of people now know the truth, thank heavens for that, and they are living in one reality. Yet it is still forbidden to utter this truth aloud in the other reality – the status quo, upside down Alice in Wonderland world we call our normal, every day lives. These two parallel realities are completely separate from one another, although they exist together in the one overarching space, the one collective reality that is the Twilight Zone of our current existence. Cue Rod Serling . . .

Does this look like a building FALLING DOWN? Think . . .

Does this look like a building
Think . . .

Of the many surreal aspects of the lie of 9/11, one of the most amazing in fact is that when one finally decides to investigate the truth of the event for themselves, almost invariably, and quite quickly I may add, they are confronted with a sheer overwhelming amount of clear , concrete evidence and facts that absolutely and stunningly refute the official story of that day.

But here’s the interesting thing – as that happens, it often then propels these same people right back into denial for they simply cannot imagine how it is possible that they were duped so well for so long and with regards to such a life-altering event. The cognitive dissonance is absolutely massive – if it’s true, what they’ve now realized, well then Pandora’s Box will be open, it will never be closed and their lives will never be the same again. Ever. Everything they thought was real, everything they thought was true, perhaps their entire life – in an instant, a flash – they will realize it has all been a lie. Then what?

I can relate. I went through it. It was enormously painful. In fact, I’m still going through it. It is still enormously painful. It will remain so until the day comes that the world collectively stands together and embraces the truth. But at least for now, the reward is that I am no longer living a lie, and I would take all the pain in the world to avoid living that life ever again. I will never go back to that life, this much is certain.

all-truths-arthur-schopenhauerIf I were to begin to write all I know about 9/11, this blog post would be hundreds of pages long. As it is, there are literally thousands upon thousands of websites, books, films and the like they have been created since 9/11 by thousands of people, from all over the world, all speaking to the impossibility that is the official story of 9/11. As of this writing, I have poured over a large percentage of the same, and I had provided just a mere few links to these in a previous post, an absolute minor fraction of what is out there to be researched if the reader so desires. All these years later, it is simply bewildering how much information is out there in the public domain on 9/11 – online, in bookstores, and the like. Yet it is just as bewildering, perhaps even more so, how few people as compared to the general population want to know the truth of it all.

With this  being said, I would ask the reader to entertain the following thought: If there was such a thing as a truth machine, and with the press of a button you could find out the absolute truth of what happened on 9/11/01, would you press the button? Would you press the button in full knowledge that your life might never be the same again? Would you be willing to enter that space where you would realize that, if indeed what we were told that day, the official story of 9/11 was a lie, that you would then have to accept an entirely different belief system and reality from the one you’ve known your entire life? That you would therefore, in full knowledge of the same, then have to alter everthing that you would do in your life from that moment forward? Would you press the button?

Similar to the image above, taken mere seconds after, the north tower disappears.  Where is everything? Where is the building "falling down"? In the rubble, there were no desks, tables, chairs, sinks, toilets, computers and on and on. And the people - where did the people go? The remains of thousands of people were never found, not even their DNA. Think . . .

A wider shot of the same image above – as the north tower disappears. Where is everything?
Where is the building “falling down”? In the rubble, there were no desks found, no tables, chairs, sinks, toilets, computers, phones, shelves, decking, carpet and on and on. And the people – where did the people go? The remains of thousands of people were never found, not even traces of their DNA. Like the towers themselves, they simply vanished. Think . . .

Given that this is the last post I will ever write about 9/11, and along with the volumes of information I mention above which is available to be researched regarding 9/11, including academic, scientific, and scholarly works, and finally mindful of how much time has passed since that fateful day, I would like to leave the reader with a few simple, and perhaps what could be regarded as rather unconventional questions about what happened on 9/11/01, and what has transpired since.

So why don’t we begin.

In a speech at the United Nations on November 10th, 2001, a mere two months after 9/11, and while the majority of the citizens of the planet were still in complete shock, George W. Bush said the following:

“We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty.”

Over a dozen years have passed since those words were uttered. Now that you, dear reader, are no longer in shock, ask yourself a question – why did he say this? What would cause him to speak these words? Twelve years ago, if I asked you that question it would make no sense. But what about today? Take a moment. Think . . .

What George W. Bush told us that day, what he commanded to us was that the official story of 9/11 was the truth, nothing else mattered, in fact, nothing else would be tolerated. But if it was the truth, then why would he be warning us not to look elsewhere for the truth? After all these years now, does it make any sense?

Imagine this scenario. You are outside of your house. You see two of your neighbors across the street speaking to one another. All of a sudden the conversation gets heated, and then you see one of your neighbors pull out a gun and shoot the other, then take off and run down the street. You’re in shock. You run over to your neighbor who has been shot. He’s dead. Frantically, you call the police. They arrive. They question you. You tell them everything, exactly what you saw. And then, at the end of the questioning, the police officer who’s questioning you asks you one final question. He asks, “Is there anything else you would like to tell us before we close this interview?” And you say, “Yes, officer. One last thing – What I told you is the truth. There are no other possibilities. You need not look into any other possible scenarios, nor investigate any other leads. In fact, you must take my word as the truth.”

For over a dozen years, sane, logical, intelligent people have been frantically screaming the truth - 2x2 = 4. The official story of 9/11, which states that 2x2  = 5 is a lie.

For over a dozen years, sane, logical, intelligent people have been frantically screaming the truth – 2×2 = 4. The official story of 9/11, which states that 2×2 = 5 is a lie, in fact it’s an impossibility. Yet these same sane, logical and intelligent people are still called crazy for saying so, for stating the obvious. Calling Rod Serling . . .

I ask the reader – does this make any sense? Would you say this to the officer given the scenario? Does this not seem incredibly suspicious, a remarkably odd thing to say? Would the officer not be suspicious if you said this?

So – what’s the difference between this fictional scenario and what George W. Bush told us two months after 9/11? Why, in the fictional scenario, would the officer be right to be suspicious, would we collectively agree that the statement given would be extremely suspicious, troubling, and raise all sorts of red flags, but in the real scenario, regarding what Bush said, you’d be labeled crazy for daring to question it? Think . . .

What Bush said that day, that meme that was implanted into the collective psyche and subconscious of the nation and the world, was uttered because it was clear to those in the know, those truly responsible for what happened on 9/11 that one day the masses would begin to awaken from their slumber and the shock of that day. They would begin to question the official story of 9/11. Why? Because it was a lie.

They also knew that with that meme solidly implanted, and with the hundreds of thousands of utterances day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, caves, 19 Muslims, terrorists, terrorism and all the rest of it, that when the day came when people began to awaken and to think critically on it all, those same people would be confronted by their fellow neighbors, family members, colleagues and the like – those that had not yet awoken.

As many Americans would begin to question the official story of 9/11, there would be just as many still very hypnotized Americans who would be poised to confront and attack those very same people for daring to question the very same story. And it worked like a charm. In fact, to this very day, it’s still working.

The unfortunate wreckage of 9/11 was not just at Ground Zero, nor even in distant lands where millions of innocent souls were slaughtered in illegal wars all based on one monumental lie. No, the wreckage also includes millions of good Americans turned against millions of other good Americans, all fighting one another year after year, rather than looking through the smoke and mirrors of what is arguably one of the greatest lies in the history of all humanity.

What was that about a meme solidly implanted into our collective psyches after 9/11? Just a mere few samples below . . .

 Well over a half-century later, seemingly nothing has changed . . .

Well over a half-century later, seemingly nothing has changed . . .

Oh, and I mentioned above something about illegal wars all based on one monumental lie, didn’t I? Don’t take my word for it. You can take retired U.S. General Wesley Clark’s word for it. A little over a week after 9/11, we were ready to go to war with a whole list of countries that had nothing to do with anything. The fake, fabricated War on Terror was planned well in advance of 9/11. Here’s the script, it happens time and time again, these false flag terrorist attacks, but the masses are too dumb-downed, preoccupied, distracted and obsessed with trivial shit to care. Or are they?

Do you know about The Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a document which was drafted by the Bush neo-cons well in advance of 9/11, in fact exactly one year before in September 2000? This manifesto for global empire domination, in line with General Clark’s words above, stated, “The process of [global] transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”.  A year later they got their “new Pearl Harbor”.

The War on Terror is an absolute, utter and complete fraud, but yet the fake terror meme continues right up to today, while the sleeping masses remain clueless to it all. Even Aaron Russo, a renowned Hollywood producer knew about the fake terror meme and the fake War on Terror, and went on record about it. But like so many others who tried to warn the masses, nobody listened.

Think about what’s happened since 9/11. Think about how quickly everything was rolled into place in our post “terror” world immediately after September 11th, 2001. Can anyone explain how it was possible that, as just one example of many, the massive Patriot Act was able to be written and implemented so quickly ‘after’ 9/11? This massive piece of legislation, which has since served to delete countless freedoms and liberties from American citizens, was signed into law by Bush on October 26th, 2001, only six weeks after 9/11. How is this possible? The only way it is possible is if it was written before 9/11, awaiting its introduction into ‘law’ following some “catastrophic and catalyzing event” like, I don’t know, say a New Pearl Harbor.

Adolph HitlerIn the same vein, how did these mammouth new government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) get created and implemented so quickly?

Is this possible, particularly for a government that usually cannot do anything, even at a small scale, this rapidly? Do you realize that the TSA was created on November 19th, 2001, only two months after 9/11? This is a massive organization which was rapidly implemented in lock step in every airport in the nation! It’s an organization with a current budget of over 7 billion dollars per year. The DHS was created on November 25, 2002, and is even more massive, with a current budget of almost 60 billion dollars per year!

How was this possible to accomplish – such massive, complex organizations rolled out so quickly to define a completely new “normal” for the citizens of the United States?

Shall I continue? Let’s go back in time and hopscotch around a bit, why don’t we.

Is the reader aware that George W. Bush refused for over one year to open an investigation into the crime of 9/11, despite frantic pleas from, among the many, the very family members who lost loved ones on that day? Why? Does this make sense? It was one of the greatest crimes ever committed anywhere on the planet at any time in history. No investigation? Did you know that our former fearless leaders alloted $175 million dollars to investigate the Challenger space shuttle disaster? And $152 million for Columbia. And some $80 million to investigate the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. How much was alloted for the 9/11 investigation you ask? How about $15 million, and only that ‘spit-in-the-face-of-the-victims’ lowball number after Georgie boy, over one year later, couldn’t stall any longer. Years later, even the Commissioner of the 9/11 Commission himself admitted the investigation into 9/11 was “set up to fail”. Hmmmm, wonder why. Think . . .

Carl Sagan and the BamboozleWhen finally forced to give an “official” statement before the 9/11 Commission, George W. Bush agreed to do so only with the following bizarre pre-conditions granted: It would have to be off the record, no recording (video, audio or written transcript) would be allowed, he would not be sworn under oath, and furthermore he would only agree to do so in the company of the Vice-President at that time, Dick Cheney. In other words, he would not allow separate, independent statements to be given. In fact, the 9/11 Commission requested the exact opposite from George W. Bush in every respect. The response of George W. Bush? Outside of questions he dodged, it was simple refusal. Yes, he absolutely refused to agree to the Commission’s requests. It was either his way or the highway. Why would he make these requests? Does this not seem beyond odd? Does it make any sense? Think . . .

How about Dick Cheney’s famous quote, in a similar vein to Bush’s desire to avoid opening an investigation into the GREATEST attack in the history of the country: “An investigation must not interfere with the on-going efforts to prevent the next attack, because without a doubt, a very real threat of another, perhaps more devastating attack still exists.” What does that doublespeak nonsense even mean? Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter, because like usual, no matter how ridiculous and utterly preposterous the statements made by our “leaders” are, most of the citizens refuse to object, refuse to raise their hands to question, and refuse to admit they are being wildly lied to – over and over and over again.

EinsteinHow about another cognitive dissonance curve ball for you? The USA and Israel combined have the most expensive and well-funded, the most powerful and the most massive intelligence gathering capabilities ever known to human civilization. In fact, the average citizen doesn’t have a clue, not the faintest idea of how massive it really is. In truth, it’s beyond massive, beyond top secret and funded to the level that most mere humans cannot even imagine. Trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars have been invested into it in the last half-century alone.

So here comes the curve ball – are you ready? Someone tell me how the following two statements jive. First, despite what was just stated above, a man in a cave in Afghanistan and 19 Muslim flunkies who couldn’t fly single-engine Cessnas outwitted this massive, monumental monstrosity called the US-Israeli military industrial complex – every agency, every department, every command, every intelligence officer, every spy, every every every every every…all of it – it all failed – everything – simultaneously leading up to 9/11 and on the actual day itself. Got it?

 Throughout history it has worked the same way every time . . .

Throughout history it has worked the same way every time . . .

Ok, after you explain how that impossibility happened, then you will need to explain how this very same entity then knew, take a deep breath here – knew within mere HOURS after the attack who was responsible. Any problem connecting those two realities? Did you take that deep breath? Maybe you should take another and really think this through. Take your time. I’ll wait.

Recall my comments above wherein what George W. Bush said to the world on November 10th, 2001 slipped completely unnoticed into the collective psyche of the still shell-shocked masses, but the meme was effectively planted. Yet years later, once awake, one can see right through it.

I’d now ask the reader to consider the same in watching these two videos below. Notice – per the words of our very own “leaders” no one in any intelligence community knew a thing about Osama Bin Laden and a plan for an attack prior to 9/11 (though that story changed back and forth several times as lies often do). Yet – in mere hours, it was all over the world. The whole world knew who did it. After all, we were told who did it by our “leaders”. And they wouldn’t lie, would they? No, never. In fact, they never do. That’s just silly conspiracy talk . . .

Listen carefully to the words spoken in these videos by the men interviewed. On 9/11 it simply seeped right into our subconscious. Osama Bin Laden – Osama Bin Laden – Osama Bin Laden. The meme needed to be planted immediately, before anyone began to think critically on the same, to think about what they were actually witnessing and before they, before we were permitted to begin to wonder to ourselves about it all.

Yet see if, some twelve years later now, these comments don’t sound the alarm bells of “something is not quite right here” . . . What a difference twelve years makes.

Amazing, huh? Pretty cool, calm and collected both gentlemen were as well, mere hours after the worst “terrorist” attack in the history of the world. Two of the tallest buildings on the planet just, er, “collapsed”, hundreds of people mere hours ago leaped to their death from windows a quarter-mile up in the sky and these guys are chatting about as if they’re giving a weather report. By the way, how did they both get to the respective mainstream media television studios so quickly? I know what you’re thinking – it’s impossible, all of it. Sure it is, if that’s what you want to believe . . .

Ok, let’s shift gears again. Let’s talk billionaires.

Larry Silverstein, a billionaire real estate developer took over the lease of a large area of the World Trade Center complex, including the Twin Towers, a mere six weeks before 9/11. This was in fact the first time in the history of the WTC complex that ownership changed from public into private hands. His lease included a multi-billion dollar insurance policy, including a specific, rather “unique” clause insuring the towers against a future terrorist attack. Immediately after 9/11, he actually filed a claim against his own policy requesting double indemnity from his insurance company; his argument was that the attacks constituted two separate events on the complex, and that he should therefore collect double the amount of the insured policy. Billions of dollars later, almost five billion in fact, well, you know . . .

Leonardo da VinciAfter 9/11, Larry was asked why he wanted to own the Twin Towers, as they were widely known as “white elephants” in the billion-dollar NYC real estate and construction industries. You see, they were designed and constructed in the 1960’s, with HVAC, electric, plumbing, communication systems and the like of that era, those same systems that now required billions of dollars of precious investment money to upgrade and retrofit to modern construction standards and specifications, as well as the wants and needs of many high-profile tenants. Nobody understood his motivation.

And speaking of billions, it didn’t end there. When the towers were first designed, the use of dangerous, friable asbestos insulation had not yet been stricken from design and building codes. The towers were therefore built with massive amounts of asbestos insulation. Now, per current building codes, the owner, previously the Port Authority of NY & NJ was mandated to remove the asbestos from the towers. The cost estimate for removal of the asbestos from the two towers, each 1/4 mile high in the sky was astronomical – in the billions. Again, the moniker of the “white elephants”. Given the above – does this seem like a wise investment? It didn’t to anyone, well anyone except for Larry. After 9/11, when asked why he had purchased them he stated that “he felt a compelling urge to own them.” So, one of the saviest billionaire real estate developers in the country leases what could be argued as perhaps the two biggest real estate losers on the planet, two buildings he knew going into the deal that, even before the ink dried on the contract, he would be required to immediately invest billions more dollars into. And he does so six weeks before 9/11, while also being sure to include a bizarre billion-dollar insurance policy payout clause related to a “in the event of a terrorist attack . . .”. Is it just me? Think . . .

After 9/11, given the above “remarkable” financial windfall, Larry became known to many in the industry as “Lucky Larry”. But his luck wasn’t limited to dollars. Larry was known to have breakfast every morning like clockwork at the restaurant at the top of North Tower – Windows on the World. You’ll never guess what day he missed breakfast. When asked why he missed breakfast on the morning of 9/11, his response was that his wife reminded him that he had a dermatologist appointment that morning and insisted he go rather then go to work.

George OrwellYup, billion dollar business meeting at the tower or dermatologist appointment? I know the choice I would make – dermatologist. And I’m sure there was no way this multi-billionaire real estate developer could get his dermatologist to schedule a late afternoon appointment for him, after the billion dollar business meetings had ended. Nah, that wouldn’t be possible . . .

Let’s think a bit more. Note in the video per the link above, Silverstein is asked a simple question by the interviewer, Charlie Rose: “Where were you on September 11th?” Why did it take Silverstein almost three full minutes to answer the question? Does it seem like a normal response? Do you note the hesitations, the pausing to formulate responses? And what’s with all the background information he provided related to tenants, meetings and the like? He wasn’t asked about any of this. He was asked a simple question – “Where were you on September 11th?”

But wait, it gets even better. Not just Larry was asbsent from at the World Trade Center that day, from his daily ritualistic morning breakfast at the top of the tower. Drum roll here…. Both his son and daughter worked along side him in an office he had in the tower. That’s right, both his son and daughter were running late for work that morning, so the story goes. Thus, all three survived. Unfortunately, many of Larry’s colleagues were not as lucky as him that day and perished in the towers.

One more thing about Larry, and shifting gears a bit – on the afternoon of 9/11 he gave the order to implode WTC Building No. 7, known as WTC7, another building he owned in the WTC complex. He admitted to the same on national TV months later. Did you catch that?

Lucky Larry. Nothing to see here, move right along . . .

Lucky Larry. Nothing to see here, move right along . . .

But wait a minute – what? How do you give an order to take down a 47-story building? This is impossible. To implode, or “pull” a building as he said (a term widely used in the building demolition industry), a building this massive takes weeks if not months to rig. And why would it be rigged to be destroyed in the first place? It was a modern, steel-framed high rise skyscraper that housed some of the most secure and secretive tenants in the world. This man just admitted on national TV to imploding his own building on 9/11 and nobody blinks? Nope, it just goes down the memory hole of the Twilight Zone that is our reality. Nothing to see here, move right along. But wait, wait, wait . . . the official story is that WTC7 collapsed due to “simple office fires”.

WTC7 stands pristinely amidst the dust immediately after the "falling down" of the North Tower. Mere hours after the collapse of the towers, WTC7 would mysteriously fall into its own footprint at freefall speed. The official story is that WTC7 collapsed from "simple office fires". No other building in the history of the world has ever done so, neither before 9/11 nor since.

WTC7 stands pristinely amidst the dust immediately after the “falling down” of the North Tower. Mere hours after the collapse of the towers, WTC7 would mysteriously fall into its own footprint at freefall acceleration. The official story is that WTC7 collapsed from “simple office fires”. No other building in the history of the world has ever done so, neither before 9/11 nor since.

But again, let me get this straight – the official story (per the government agency NIST) of collapse due to “simple office fires” directly contradicts the statement on national TV given by the billionaire owner of the building, Larry Silverstein. And by the way, a 47-story modern steel-framed office building cannot collapse due to “simple office fires”. It’s an impossibility. What cannot be, cannot be. But nonetheless, that’s the official story, and it still stands “officially” today. And one more “by the way” – this building collapsed into its own footprint in less than 7 seconds, at freefall acceleration, another impossibility. Are you confused yet? Do you have any idea of what is going on? Yes, the rabbit hole is deep, very deep . . .

One of the world’s leading experts in controlled demolition, Danny Jowenko (now deceased), was interviewed about WTC 7 shortly after 9/11. Note in the interview he is asked his opinion about the fall of this building, i.e. what caused it, but he is at first not told that it happened on 9/11. It can be clearly seen that he is initially confused upon learning that this building was taken down at the World Trade Center complex, grappling with the cognitive dissonance that resulted from trying to understand what he knows is clearly a controlled demolition with the other truth of it happening in the same location as the “terrorist” attack, per the official story of 9/11.

Dresden JamesOh, one more “by the way” – the collapse of WTC7 – a 47-story high rise skyscraper at the World Trade Center complex wasn’t even mentioned in the official 9/11 Commission Report. What? Nor was it ever mentioned ever again by the mainstream media after that fateful day – 9/11. The order was given from high up – WTC7 is never to be discussed again. This is why millions of people when confronted about the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11, even to this day some twelve years later, still never heard of it and thus cannot seem to wrap their minds around it once they do learn of it. This modern, steel-framed, 47-story skyscraper, a building that was one of the tallest in the country, imploded at free-fall speed on the afternoon of 9/11, and was never to be mentioned again. Sure, makes sense to me. Hence the recent (as of this writing) campaign by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to try to re-ignite awareness around it, what many consider to be the smoking gun of 9/11. I personally consider hundreds of other impossibilities that happened that day to also be smoking guns in their own right . . .

And speaking of physical impossibilities like the collapse of WTC 7 – a building that wasn’t even hit by an airplane, collapsing  at freefall speed into its own footprint in less than 7 seconds, what about the towers themselves? These were some of the most massive buildings on the planet, with factors of safety with respect to load carrying capacity implemented into their design and construction that resulted in the buildings being able to carry loads enormously higher than those required to resist their own physical weight, the ‘dead’  loads of the buildings themselves.

They were even designed to resist the impact of a Boeing jumbo jet, per the words of Leslie Robertson, the Chief Structural Engineer for the twin towers. So said another structural engineer, Charlie Thornton. Another WTC engineer, Frank DeMartini (deceased) theorized that the towers could sustain multiple impacts from jetliners. Of course they could. They were in fact standing after the impacts of the “aircraft” on 9/11.

All of the above being said, how did these enormous buildings collapse at FREEFALL speed through the path of MOST resistance, i.e. through the building itself, through thousands of tons of steel and reinforced concrete, in roughly 10 seconds? This is IMPOSSIBLE via a gravitational “collapse”. I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. What did we really witness that day?

Aldous HuxleyThe theory of gravitational collapse, i.e. the official story of how the buildings collapsed, violates the most basic and fundamental laws of physics. You don’t need to be an engineer, you don’t need a Ph.D. – this is high school physics 101. It is simply NOT possible. Period, end of story. Yet we are told that on the day of 9/11, the impossible was possible over and over and over. Or, perhaps, to be more accurate, we were told not to question anything. . .

Let me even add one more interesting point on top of all the other impossibilities. The official story claims that both towers collapsed in roughly 10 seconds, plus or minus 2 seconds. Putting aside the point above that this is absolutely impossible, isn’t it interesting to ponder the following:

Two buildings, each 1/4 mile high collapse in almost identical times, 10 seconds plus or minus 2 seconds. Weren’t both towers hit by two completely different sized aircraft . . . carrying completely different loads (passengers & self-weight of the aircraft), with completely different levels of fuel? And didn’t those same aircraft hit completely different levels (heights) of each respective tower, at completely different speeds, and at completely different angles, thus impacting completely different structural elements, and also therefore resulting in markedly different gravitational loads of the buildings above the respective “collapse” zones? So with all those completely “differents” – how did they collapse in IDENTICAL fashion at almost exactly the same speed and thus “collapse” times? Yeah, that’s what I thought . . .

History repeats, but does anyone notice

1933 – Hitler goes on air declaring that Germany was attacked. The beginning of the end of the freedoms of the German people.
2001 – Bush goes on air declaring that America was attacked. The beginning of the end of the freedoms of the American people.
As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Over twelve years later, the tax-paying working slaves (that’s us) who have been funding all of these illegal wars all based on a monstrous lie are simply not allowed to question the official fairy tale of 9/11, the official impossible, nonsense “conspiracy theory” of 9/11 put forth by our millionaire politicians, the billionaire real estate developers, moguls, CEO’s and their ilk, and the trillionaire bankers who control the freak show that is our current reality. Did I mention something about cueing Rod Serling a while back in this post?

Let’s continue, shall we? Allow me to jump around a bit more while the reader attempts to understand what was just written.

Do you know that at the Pentagon on 9/11, there were no bodies recovered from the “plane” crash? Not only no bodies, but no commercial aircraft wreckage – no seats, no wings, no fuselage, no titanium Rolls Royce engines, no debris whatsoever. Nothing. The official story – the plane vaporized upon impact. Of course this never happened before in the history of commercial aviation. The reason might be because it’s an impossibility for a plane to vaporize upon impact of anything. Anyone notice a lot of impossibilities in the official story so far? But again, no big deal. If our “leaders” say this is what happened, it must be what happened. And I forgot, in our current reality, lies are truth and truth are lies. Ok, got it now.

Regarding the impact of the plane, of course we can just look at the video survelliance from the eighty-plus video cameras that surround the Pentagon to see the aircraft impact, right? After all, the Pentagon was and continues to be one of the most secure and therefore most surveilled buildings on the planet. One problem though – on the morning of 9/11 the FBI went around to every camera and confiscated all of the video footage from each and every camera. How did they get to the cameras so quickly (kinda like those authorities who got to the television studios so quickly . . .), and why did they confiscate the footage? Does this make any sense? And by the way, to this day, the footage has never been released, save a few images released after years of public pressure. Remember the public pressure on opening an investigation into 9/11 . . .

So what images were finally released after years of pressure? Surely there must have been hundreds if not thousands from eighty-plus cameras, right? Aaaaahhhh, no. Just a few images were released and they were only images showing a “flash” at the Pentagon – no aircraft impact. Curious, no? Why would they not release the footage of the aircraft striking the Pentagon if for years now the public (those crazy conspiracy theorists) was accusing them of lying about the official story of a plane striking the Pentagon? Ah, nevermind. It’s not important. We need to trust our “leaders” that they know best. And if they say, “THIS is what happened!”, well surely, THAT’S what happened. What did happen at the Pentagon? Here’s a brief summary.

Soren KierkegaardSpeaking of quickly (once again), does the reader know that FEMA, who was put in charge of the cleanup of Ground Zero was actually in place already in NYC on September 10th, 2001 – the day before? And the National Guard as well? You didn’t know this? Yes, this is fact, but it was lost in the shock and awe of the next day. Why were they there the day before…? Huh? And . . . doesn’t anyone wonder how it it possible that the cleanup operations at Ground Zero – to include that of two of the tallest buildings on the planet that, er, ‘collapsed’ and many others in a 16-acre plot of land in one of the most congested areas of real estate in the world were able to commence so quickly and efficiently, literally within hours? Think . . .

Ok, back to phantom airplanes. Did you know that also in Shanksville, PA where the other “plane” went down, there too there was no commercial aircraft wreckage found, nor any bodies? Zero. Just a smoking hole in the ground. Ah, I got it – another ‘vaporization’ – this time the plane vaporized not by hitting a building but by impacting magically, super-stiff dirt. What was that about thinking . . .?

Gerald MasseyRumor has it though, something was “shot down” nearby. Just ask Donny Rumsfeld (whoops, methinks a bit of a Freudian slip there, huh Don?). You can also probably ask the FBI who cordoned off the entire area, way beyond the area where no plane wreckage, bodies or anything else was found. By the way, wasn’t Don Rumsfeld also the one who reported live on September 10th, 2001, the day before the “attack” that the Pentagon had just misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars? Ah, probably no big deal and not connected to anything. Personally, I know I’ve misplaced quarters, dimes and nickels more times than I care to admit!

Wait, one more thing – wasn’t the whereabouts of that missing 2.3 trillion dollars being tracked down by Pentagon budget analysts at the time of the “attack”? And weren’t those very same budget analysts working in the exact wedge of the Pentagon that was struck on 9/11/01 by the, er, “plane”? And didn’t the investigation into the missing trillions end on 9/11/01, along with the lives of those very same analysts? And wasn’t it that exact wedge of the Pentagon, and that wedge only that had just been reinforced and reconstructed in a multi-million dollar construction contract completed just prior to 9/11? Wow, I’m so confused . . .

Ok, let’s stay with the “planes” – did you know that there were no black boxes recovered from any of the “aircraft” that were “hijacked” that day? Well, the official story changes. Sometimes they say they were recovered, and the data on them cannot be released due to ‘national security concerns’. Kinda like the super-duper ‘security concerns’ which mitigated the release of the video footage from the security cameras at the Pentagon, showing the “aircraft” striking the building. Gee, we hear this excuse all the time don’t we – ‘national security!’? We certainly don’t want terrorists looking at footage of terrorists flying planes into buildings. Good thing the government is looking out for us, and by the way – good thing the security was so tight that day that an enormous, jumbo jet “airliner” was able to penetrate the most secure airspace on the planet with zero reponse from our multi-multi-multi-trillion dollar military industrial security complex!

John LennonSo what about that official story of the black boxes? Well, sometimes the official story changes to state that the black boxes were not recovered. Stories do change, you know. Silly. But – whatever is the story du jour – nothing’s been released to the public, nothing from those black boxes. But hold on a minute – if it’s ‘Story B’ then how is that possible because they always recover the black boxes from aircraft crashes – they’re built to be indestructible along with an indestructible tracking device that allows them to be recovered no matter where they end up after the crash. Is this another one of the many examples in this unique day of confusing firsts? I guess so.

One more thing – they didn’t (or did they?) recover the indestructible black boxes but they found one of the hijackers paper passports fully intact after having been hurled through the fireball crash resulting from the impact of a jetliner traveling at upwards of 500 mph slamming into one of the Twin Towers, then dropping 1/4 mile down on to the street below, and then landing in the hands of an official who recovered it? You’ll never guess who finally recovered the passport – former NYC police commissioner and criminal-extraordinaire Bernie Kerik. I know I know, nothing to see here. Got it. Move right along . . .

Alright, I know I said one more thing, but one more thing – did you know that thousands of seasoned, professional commercial airline pilots (those with decades of flying experience) have gone on the record as stating that there is no way they themselves could have flown those large jumbo jet airplanes into these buildings, the Pentagon and the towers? But yet Muslims from a third world country who NEVER, not even once, flew a jumbo jet airliner did it successfully three times on one day, and all on their very first try? Yeah . . .

Oh, and one last thing (this time I mean it) – these same pilots have testified that with respect to the aircraft allegedly flown into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, this was yet another impossibility based on the simple fact that at the speeds the planes were alleged to have been flown per the official story, well, these planes would have broken up long before based on the impossibility of flying aircraft at these high speeds that close to sea level. It’s impossible to do. Material science and the laws of physics prohibit it. But once again as we’ve learned, on that day and that day only facts and accepted laws of physics, and indeed laws of the universe ceased to exist . . .

H.L. MenckenSo here we are with so many unanswered questions, such simple questions, and so little time. So many impossibilities, so little time. So many fantasies, so little time. So many coverups, so little time. So many absurdities, so little time. So many lies, so little time. So many liars, so little time.

Speaking of liars, is the reader aware that Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of the state of New Jersey, and EPA Commissioner at the time of the 9/11 attacks gave the green light to go ahead and reopen Wall Street and downtown Manhattan mere days after the attack, stating that the area, including Ground Zero, was safe to work, and the air was safe to breath? Of course, since 9/11 thousands of heroic rescue workers at Ground Zero have died from rare cancers as a result of inhaling the toxic soup at the Pile at Ground Zero. In fact, as of this writing, more people have died from working at the clean up operations at Ground Zero than were lost that day from the attacks. But at least Christy got Wall Street open so the trillionaires could add some more zeroes to their portfolios.

Jeffrey TuckerSpeaking of Wall Street, is the reader aware of the documented, massive insider trading that took place days before 9/11 involving huge finanical put options (i.e. bets) that were placed on, among other things, the airlines that were allegedly involved in the hijackings? This of course shows the depth of foreknowledge that many had, including those in the upper echelons of the financial industry, of the impending attacks. I know again – impossible, right?

Oh, and what about the missing gold – billions of dollars of gold bullion went missing from the WTC complex and adjacent Wall Street sometime before, during and/or immediately after the attacks. Once again, follow the money, or in this case, the gold and it might just lead you to the answers you seek . . .

And since we’re connecting dots on Wall Street, how about connecting dots on simply unbelievable levels of political corruption while we’re at it. Don’t want to believe the Whitman-Wall Street thing? Sorry, but it’s well-documented. So how about we connect some more Governors. Corzine-Wall Street? Ring any bells? Didn’t Jon Corzine, another former Governor of New Jersey just last year steal well over a billion dollars in customer segregated funds from his own customer accounts? Ya’ know, the whole MF Global thing. Well yes, he did. Are Christy or Jon in jail. Nope. In fact, just the opposite, they’re both living the high life as I write this. Imagine if it were just those two, though. Yet still, sadly, most people don’t want to know the truth. Oh, one more while we’re at it – who led the 9/11 Commission, ya’ know – the fradulent “official” investigation into 9/11? No, say it ain’t so! Another governor? Yes, former Governor Tom Kean. Gee, I wonder what state he used to govern. All in the family? Nah. Complicity in the 9/11 cover-up at the highest levels of government. Impossible, I tell ya’. . .

F. NietzscheOk, let’s take a breath here. Let’s step away from that “crazy” conspiracy talk for a moment. How about a few real simple brass tacks questions here: Does science, logic, rationale thinking even matter anymore? Do we even think anymore? Does anything make any sense? An abridged version for the reader with limited time. An even  more abridged version for the reader with even less time. Will we ever get the truth?

Dr. David Ray Griffin, a prolific author on 9/11 sums it up nicely:

“Surely such an [new] investigation is justified by the fact that the official account of 9/11 has been rejected by more than a dozen professional organizations, including Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (with over 1,400 professional members), Scientists for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Military Officers for 9/11 Truth, and Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth. [T]he official account of 9/11 is now rejected by virtually all professionals who are independent (of the US government) and have studied the evidence.”

Even more to the point of the absolute absurdity of the official fairy tale of 9/11 are the words of Dr. Lynn Margulis who said the following:

“Whoever is responsible for bringing to grisly fruition this new false-flag operation, which has been used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as unprecedented assaults on research, education, and civil liberties, must be perversely proud of their efficient handiwork.

Certainly, 19 young Arab men and a man in a cave 7,000 miles away, no matter the level of their anger, could not have masterminded and carried out 9/11: the most effective television commercial in the history of Western civilization. I suggest that those of us aware and concerned demand that the glaringly erroneous official account of 9/11 be dismissed as a fraud and a new, thorough, and impartial investigation be undertaken.”

ACDKnowing that the official story of 9/11 is a complete fraud, one begins to wonder on what is the truth of what actually did happen that day. Well, perhaps the truth is even more unbelievable (or full reportwith additional link here) than we can even imagine . . . Do I sense a knee-jerk reaction once again of, “That’s simply impossible!”? Remember, throughout history that ever present truism for control by the few over a mass population – “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it . .  .” Can the lie be any bigger than that – that 9/11 was possibly a nuclear event? Who came up with the “Ground Zero” moniker anyway? Makes one wonder, at least those that are open-minded enough to search for the truth wherever it may lead them. Remember what Einstein said about condemnation without investigation . . .

What ever happened that day though, one thing is 100% certain – the official conspiracy theory, i.e. the official story of 9/11 is one of the biggest lies in the history of all humanity. Welcome dear reader to our present day Alice in Wonderland reality. And yet still . . . . so many don’t seem to care or refuse to believe . . .

As George Orwell once said about those so many, those hypnotized, dumb-downed masses, They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality…and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening.” Yeah, this pretty much sums it up. Honey, what time does the football game start? Where’s my Manning jersey?

Yes, football, Hollywood and the rest of the bread and circus brain drain that keeps us hypnotized and distracted from reality. Speaking of reality (or more accurately the Twilight Zone that is our current reality), it makes me think – do you realize in our present day reality, I myself would be called a terrorist for daring to even suggest that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the laughable fairy tale called the official story was a lie? Or anyone for that matter that dares to question it? Anyone that’s aaaaaahhh, oh . . . what’s that term they throw around at anyone who dares to think for themselves, that dares to think critically and intelligently? Oh yeah, a conspiracy theorist. Don’t want to be one of those. I’d much rather be a non-thinking, “non-conspiracy theorist“. And that’s just scratching the surface of this upside down insanity. Yes, the American people themselves have now been declared the new enemy of an out of control,  criminal government run by lunatics and psychopaths in the police state formerly called the United States of America.

 People don't want to believe how deep the rabbit hole goes with respect to the enormous societal engineering of the masses. The sinister psy-ops, disinformation campaigns, and absolute control of the many by the few and the information they receive and do not receive is almost too unbelievable to believe. Thus, its enormous effectiveness.

People don’t want to believe how deep the rabbit hole goes with respect to the enormous societal engineering of the masses. The sinister psy-ops, disinformation campaigns, and absolute control of the many by the few and the information they receive as well as what they do not receive is almost too unbelievable to believe.
Thus, its enormous effectiveness in controlling society.

Wait, it gets even better (i.e. more Orwellian) –  Cass Sunstein, ‘distinguished’ legal scholar and university professor and, wait for it . . . key administrator in the Obama administration spearheaded the Orwellian initiative to outlaw and criminalize those who put forth conspiracy theories, ya’ know those terrorists! Here’s one of his “academic” papers on the same, as well as a book written about the same insanity.  No free speech for me, thank you very much! War is Peace! Ignorance is Strength! Freedom is Slavery! No, dear reader, all of this is not a joke, nor is it a bad dream. It is in fact our present-day reality. Rod are you there? Mr. Serling . . . ?

Is the reader still there? What’s that you’re saying? Despite it all, you still want to know more, even though you cannot yet believe it to be true? Is the cognitive dissonace too great? Yes, I know all about cognitive dissonance and 9/11 and the ensuing silence that so often follows . . .

O.K. – you’re saying to yourself, people would have talked right, people would have blown the whistle, no? Yeah, that’s where it gets truly frightening. Even more so, when the astute researcher realizes that dozens of whistleblowers and key eyewitnesses have already lost their lives trying to get the truth of 9/11 out. Oh, you didn’t hear about that, all those 9/11 eyewitnesses and whistleblowers that “lost their lives” over the years? You mean, the mainstream media didn’t mention this in between updates on Britney Spears and The Real Housewives? How could that be? Aaaaahhh, the mainstream media. Wow, this is a REAL tough one for most people, perhaps the most difficult truth of all  . . .

 If it were not for David Rockefeller, the World Trade Center complex would never have been built, nor imagined.  When one truly understands who this man is, what he stands for, and what he has done, it's difficult to believe.  He knew the buildings would be built, and years later he also knew they would be destroyed.

If it were not for David Rockefeller, the World Trade Center complex would never have been built, nor imagined.
When one truly understands who this man is, what he stands for, and what he has done, it’s difficult to believe.
He knew the buildings would be built, and years later he also knew they would be destroyed.

“Well, what about the media you say? If what you’re saying is true – all of the above – the media would tell us, right – the media cannot be complicit, can they, no this is NOT possible, this CANNOT be possible!”

Do you mean the multi-billion dollar mainstream media monopoly that’s owned by just a few mega-billionaire moguls – those uber wealthy, powerful and ridiculously connected men that own all the TV news stations, newspapers, magazines, etc.? That media?

Like the BBC in the United Kingdom? Hey, weren’t they the same Nostradamus-like, prophetic news organization that reported the fall of WTC Building 7 approximately 20 minutes before it fell? Well, yes they were. Whoops, someone got their script out a bit too earlier. Or, to put it another way, once again, nothing to see here, move right along . . .

It’s been going on for longer than most can imagine. John Swinton, former Chief of Staff for the New York Times back in 1953 made this unusually candid announcement to his colleagues at the New York Press Club:

“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.

I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar weekly salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

You know it, and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings, and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

 Six multi, multi, multi-billion dollar corporations with six enormously wealthy individuals sitting atop each. Everything we see and here - every magazine, every newspaper, every T.V. station, every MSM internet portal - all of it controlled by six men.  Nothing to see here, move right along . . .

Six multi, multi, multi-billion dollar corporations with six enormously wealthy individuals sitting atop each. Everything we see and hear – every magazine, every newspaper, every T.V. station, every MSM internet portal – all of it controlled by six men. Nothing to see here, move right along . . .

Nothing has changed since, well, that is except for massive consolidation of those that control the news. What used to be hundreds and hundreds of truly independent and honest media organizations back in the early twentieth century have now become but a few wildly corrupt today – six to be exact in the United States. Six corporations controlled by six billionaires controlling all the news, imagine that. And who owns the billion-dollar corporations, and thus really controls all the news? The trillionaire bankers. 

And those way down in the media food chain – those that actually report the news to the world everyday, the foot soldiers, well, they are no longer journalists. In fact it would be laughable to call them that. No today, they’re simply repeaters, repeaters of the official story of everything, the story that gets created by the true power brokers, those that engineer societies and control our everyday reality, the billionaires and the trillionaires. No, you say, that simply cannot be the case, right? No, not at all if that’s what you choose to believe . . . 

Yet still, even with this knowledge, one of the biggest hurdles for people to get over is that the mainstream media is in fact this controlled, and even more difficult to believe is that they would be lying to them about EVERYTHING. Yes, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Life imitating art, and art imitating life. It’s all surreal Orwellian propaganda, and it’s too hard to believe, so people simply refuse to believe it. To go “there” would destroy their entire belief system of what’s true, and what’s real. So they remain in denial. And the controllers know this, and thus effectively use it to completely neuter the minds of their over-worked and underpaid slaves. 

It (the lie machine) started well over a century ago with names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bernays, and the like. Super-wealthy, powerful and influencial engineers of society. And then of course you have the good ol’ Protocols. And it’s been a constant drip drip drip brainwashing, a massive hypnotic indoctrination that’s gone on for so long now that people can no longer distinguish truth from lies, and reality from illusion.

This is also the reason the masses are continually fed nonsense sports, Hollywood and absolutely frivolous entertainment stories about the likes of the latest draft pick, trade or salary update of Eli Manning or Derek Jeter, or what’s going on in the life of  Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Then you have the faux “important” news like the latest ‘political scandal’ involving Spitzer, Weiner, and Christie or other truly “breaking news” stories, i.e. more divide and rule the masses distractions such as Jodi Arias, Trayvon Martin, etc. etc. etc. etc. And soooooo many others. On and on and on and on and on it all goes EVERY DAY. Do you get it? Endless lies, distractions and illusions repeated over and over on every single television station, and in every newspaper and magazine out there. The fraud in the media is simply monumental, and once again it goes back to the Big Lie – simply too difficult to believe for most so it’s rejected by reflex action. So round and round most people go in their daily lives, having no idea on what’s truly happening in the world and why things are the way they are. Beauty in simplicity for the oppressors.


“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
– Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

Don’t you ever wonder why completely irrelevant gossip and bread and circus stories like these are jammed down the throats of the mainstream populace ad nauseam, repeated over and over and over EVERY DAY?

Don’t you ever wonder why every doctor’s office you walk into, every shop, every bar, every restaurant, every theater, every airport, every mall, every gym, every everything, there’s always a T.V. or multiple T.V.’s blaring the fake news, or sports or reality T.V., or any and every other illusion?

Don’t you notice it’s ALWAYS these things that’s on the T.V., or anything else of zero importance, things that have absolute no relevance or impact on your life? So ask yourself – Why?

Are you finally ready for the truth, yes the ‘unbelievable’ truth? It’s to keep us dumbed-down, pre-occupied, confused and distracted, 24/7, with this trivial nonsense, thus ensuring we’ll never open up our minds to think critically on truly important issues that will affect our lives like, oh, I don’t know – 9/11 . . .


The first bullet was fired in 1913, when the bankers took control of the US government via the Federal Reserve. The second bullet, literally and figuratively, was the assassination of JFK in 1963. The final bullet was on 9/11/01. All of these bullets fired by the same group of men.
In 1967, in speaking about the assassination of JFK, and specifically the big lie that was the official story, Jim Garrison said the following words: “In a real world in which you and I must live, fairy tales are dangerous, dangerous because they are untrue. Anything which is untrue is dangerous and it is all the more dangerous when the fairy tale is accepted as reality simply because it has an official seal of approval or because ‘honorable’ men announce you must believe it or because powerful elements of the press tell you the fairy tale is true.”
History continues to repeat, yet we still refuse to believe.
Look at the quote above – ‘police state dictatorship it is going to get’ – USA 2014 – anyone, anyone?

So, this is where we are today. And with the above being said, the fact of the matter remains that the mainstream media has always been and remains criminally complicit in covering up and lying about many things that have destroyed countless lives, including one of the biggest crimes and most monstrous lies in history.

By now, more than twelve years later, virtually all of them know the truth of 9/11. It’s been too long and there is simply too much information available via the internet, books, and the like not to know the truth at this point.

They’ve simply decided to sell their souls out for the lie and a paycheck, as well as the very lives and futures of their children and grandchildren, not to mention ours (save very rare exceptions). Or to remain silent rather than speak up – speak the truth. Didn’t the Nazis say they were “just doing their job – just following orders”? I seem to remember at Nuremberg that excuse didn’t fly.

Today, I look at sickening, surreal and absolutely frightening things like this and this and I wonder, decades from now when the truth has reached critical mass, how people will handle it all, how they will be able to process the monumental crime and cover up that went on for years and years. A massive, seemingly incomprehensible cover up that took place by and through almost every institution and industry on the planet and the men and women that they employed – the media, politicians, academia, corporations, governmental agencies – local, state and federal and on and on and on . . .

VoltaireNow, as we begin to close, and if I have not yet lost the reader in utter disbelief, let me allow the reader one last chance to completely dismiss everything I have said thus far with perhaps one of the most unbelievable realities of our remarkably upside-down, twilight zone, present-day reality. Are you ready?

Who might be the chief architects of 9/11 if it was not the cave dweller Osama Bin Laden and 19 of his compatriots? Well the rabbit hole is deep, very very deep, and goes across many, many groups, organizations, agencies, governments and the like. But if the reader is curious to who just might be primarily responsible for planning, coordinating and pulling off the greatest false flag attack in the history of the world, well look no further than the most implausible and unbelievable candidate(s) of them all, and ask yourself, cui bono?

I had hinted in an earlier post, that the reader would not believe the truth, even if they knew it was in fact the truth. Most would say it was simply impossible. But more and more people, in fact millions around the world are coming to understand the incredible truth of it all, and realizing how beyond belief it all is. For if it’s true, well really then there is no denying that EVERYTHING we’ve been told our entire lives is a lie. So in addition to the cast of usual suspects, i.e. the Bush neo-cons, the CIA, FBI, MI6, Pentagon and other Military Industrial Complex alphabet soup agencies (usual suspects that is if you have a true understanding of our completely upside-down reality), when you really drill down it gets even more unbelievable. . .

One of the best summaries among the many leading to the who of 9/11 went to air shortly before the drafting of this post. Interestingly, it ties together nicely a majority of what is written above. Yes, I know – simply unbelievable. But there’s so much more absolutely shocking evidence to back it all up, if the reader is interested in confirming the same, yet simply too much to post here. If I were to cite and post another hundred links for the reader, at this point, would it even matter? So why don’t we leave the massive amount of evidence that has now come forth on the whodunnit of it all with that link above and a simple one page post and video (mirrored in part here) from a retired USMC Vietman veteran, and American of Jewish ancestry, Dr. Alan Sabrosky . . .  and perhaps more than a few more out of the seemingly endless amount of evidence that has been emerging in the world in the last few years, if indeed you want to still hear the truth (here, here, here & here and . . . here, here, here and here).

 The motto of the Israeli Mossad. Could it be any clearer?

The motto of the Israeli Mossad.
Could it be any clearer?

Caution to the reader though that there is indeed a very good chance that you will immediately and violently reject this information out of hand because it will shatter everything you’ve ever been told about our past history, as well as that of our present day. However, if you’re sincere, and want to know the truth, well then you must follow the truth wherever the evidence leads.

So there you have it. Yes, our reality is so unreal, that most won’t believe it. But, if you’d like to take it even a bit further along this vein, i.e. the perpertrators of 9/11 . . . when you really get deep, deep into the rabbit hole, you will realize that that little country in the Middle East called Israel, the same one that the American people have been force fed for decades the “truth” of it being our “friend and ally” (and I don’t mean (all of) its citizens, nor all members of the faith), is in fact a country that is anything but an ally – it it a country that rather fully controls America.

It is a country that decades ago was created by the trillionaire bankers themselves to be their own personal army, one which would enforce their wishes and their wishes only upon the world. Which bankers you might ask? Well that would be the richest banking family in the world, the wealthiest human beings on planet Earth –  the centuries’ old banking dynasty called the Rothschilds. And yes, it even goes beyond this family, deeper and deeper. It’s a very long story indeed, and just like everything else, what we’ve been told our entire lives, all of history – it’s all a complete lie . . .

As I have been saying for years, along with so many others, it all goes back to the bankers and those that rule with hidden hands beyond the shadows. Those that create trillions of dollars of fake money out of thin air and then charge their slaves interest on the same fake money. Throughout all of history, it always has come back to the bankers.  It’s a soufflet of divide and conquer, problem-reaction-solution, order out of chaos, and never-ending interlocking lies as the richest human beings on the planet, in a limitless search of control, societal engineering and destruction of the entire world, play the masses off of each other in the never-ending smoke and mirrors world that is our reality.

Don’t you ever wonder why the wars NEVER end, the misery NEVER ends, the suffering NEVER ends, and the fear NEVER ends . . . ? It’s not meant to. So – will 2014 be the year the never-ending litany of big lies stop working on the hypnotized masses? Will it be the time when the never-ending parade of unbelievable false flags like 9/11 come to an end? Isn’t it time to end the sheer insanity?

 They know the truth of 9/11 - all of them . . .

Although they are just mere puppets, they know the truth of 9/11 – all of them, yes ALL of them . . .
As H.L. Mencken once said about the confused and enslaved masses who never cease in worshiping their own slavemasters while concurrently destroying those with the courage to tell them the truth, “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

Now might the reader wonder why it is so incredibly hard to understand what is going on? Is the reader beginning to grasp the situation at hand? Or perhaps, and speaking of reality, perhaps the reader would like to now get back to that reality TV show they were watching when I so rudely interrupted them with this insignificant little blog post.

Nothing to worry about, everything’s A-ok. Our honest, compassionate, completely sane, “change-bringing“, “I feel your pain”, leaders are in control.

You know the present “change-bringer-in-chief”, don’t you? Psychopathic liar extraordinaire,  Barack Obama, a.k.a. Barry Sotero, the man with no verifiable history, the fraud, the deceiver-in-chief, the imposter-in-chiefthe man who can do whatever he wants. Yes – even this. Even a former high-level US diplomat is now coming forth stating the same. You also know the guy who felt your pain, don’t you? It was this honest guy. Yup, it’s the same guy that years later said this about those who “dared” to question the official lie of 9/11. Billy Clinton, one of the most amazing, psychopathatic liars ever to grace the White House. Move right along, nothing to see here. Or as the psychopath George W. Bush, our last Liar-in-Chief had told us right after 9/11, and right before he launched criminal wars of aggression – wars all based on a lie – wars that slaughtered millions of innocent souls: Don’t question a thing – get back to your normal lives and go shopping . . . 

But now years later, before you get back to more of that shopping in the gulag  that is AmeriKa, let me leave the reader with one more image, and one more thing to say. Here’s the image:

"Jonathan Briley was the falling man of 9/11 and one of 200 jumpers who leaped to their deaths on that infamous day in 2001. His image captured by Richard Drew continues to shock and it still demands the truth and justice for those who perpetrated or allowed this treasonous operation and carefully orchestrated cover up to occur" - Allen L. Roland

“Jonathan Briley was the falling man of 9/11 and one of 200 jumpers who leaped to their deaths on that infamous day in 2001. His image captured by Richard Drew continues to shock and it still demands the truth and justice for those who perpetrated or allowed this treasonous operation and carefully orchestrated cover up to occur” – Allen L. Roland

And here’s what I have to say. If there is any human being on this planet that can say with a straight face that the truth of 9/11 no longer matters, that it’s in the past, that we need to move on, or that they don’t have the time to investigate or research the truth, I’d ask them to, well, seriously reconsider . . . for it might just mean the end of America, and the end of life as we know it. Or perhaps, it’s too late already.

But forget about your life. Forget about my life for that matter. Let me ask the reader one final question: When the day comes, and it will most certainly come, that day when your children and your grandchildren come to you, look you in the eyes, and ask you what you did and what action you took when you learned the truth of 9/11/01, what will you tell them?

I’ll leave it to the reader to ponder that question as I end this post, and as each one of us moves on with our own lives in this dreamworld that is our current reality.

Below, two absolute remarkable videos featuring William Cooper. Cooper was a man who for many decades tried to warn Americans and indeed the entire world of the truth of what was happening inside of what most consider the legitimate government of the United States of America. Most didn’t listen. Why? Once again, The Big Lie. The Lie was too big, the Lies were too big. So people simply refused to believe.

The first video below is an excerpt of a talk he gave in June 2001 warning Americans and the world that the US Government (the “government” that controls the government) was going to launch a false flag attack within the United States and try to pin the blame on Osama Bin Laden (a man who was actually created by the CIA and the globalists back in the 1980’s to fight in another fake war, this time for Team USA, a war initiated by the psychopaths to pit their newly created Muslim extremists against the Soviets in Afghanistan). Yeah, I know. Again, too unbelievable. Anyone see a recurring theme here? His prediction was simply uncanny, well that is to those who still refuse to believe what is happening. Remember, this conversation was recorded BEFORE 9/11/01.

The second video below is eight hours long. As most people don’t have eight hours, or even eight minutes for that matter now a days, well, here it is if the reader ever decides that they want to blow their minds wide open even more.

The video was of an audio broadcast given by Cooper beginning the morning of 9/11/01. Less than three short months after the prediction he gave in the first video above, his worst fears came true. Listen to the broadcast, and behold one of the only human beings on the planet that on 9/11/01 had the wherewithall and clarity to see through the smoke and mirrors, through the massive lie that was beginning to unfold across the world, and the super rare individual with the unflinching courage to speak the truth when most others refused.


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A parting shot from Shore Road on the Verrazano Narrows in my former neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - NYC. Taken a few days prior to departure from the United States. Perhaps my last physical view ever of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Orwellian 1776-foot tall lie called the "Freedom Tower" that anchors the city.   Still simply amazed after all of these years how it's been possible to keep the stunningly evident truth suppressed, the monstrous lie alive, and the massive spell cast upon humanity. Nothing less than utterly and stupendously surreal.

A parting shot from Shore Road on the Verrazano Narrows in my former neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – NYC. Taken a few days prior to departure from the United States. Perhaps my last physical view ever of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Orwellian 1776-foot tall lie called the “Freedom Tower” that anchors the city. Still simply amazing after all of these years to reflect upon how it’s been possible to keep the stunningly evident truth suppressed, the monstrous lie alive, and the massive spell cast upon humanity. Nothing less than utterly and stupendously surreal.

Postscript and a final word to the reader: There are thousands of more links I could have provided herein this blog post, including to academic peer-reviewed papers, scientific and scholarly journals, and books and films published and produced by highly regarded authors and film makers, a sheer massive amount of absolute irrefutable evidence proving the official story of 9/11 to be a monstrous lie, along with that providing additional details in to the true who, what, and why of 9/11.

That being said, however, if upon review of the lengthy post above the reader is still unconvinced of this truth – the lie of 9/11, well then additional research will simply be of no use.

After all of these years, it is more frightening than ever to see how big the lie truly was and still is, but perhaps even more frightening to see how little people care for the truth.

We are now a society completely lost in the abyss, fundamentally disconnected from any sense of reality. We can no longer think rationally or critically, nor comprehend or understand simple logic, facts, or even the most basic truths.

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess.


 “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.”
– William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)

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